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February 24, 2012



Sounds like you have a great job!

Bella Bheag

I've never been to Manchester - sounds like you had a good time there.

Thanks for your hand-written postcard Caireen - a lovely surprise! x


hola friend, glad to read your post. my, sounds like you have been working hard. love the fox!
it's great to stay somewhere different and discover a new city.
lots of love to you
G x

pet ralph lauren

with shops and great transport i.e. the Metro tram network and free city centre buses.

Drew Hohmann

Sounds like you don’t just have a great job (like what Paula said in her comment); you also have a cool place to work and live in! I’ve always wanted to visit my cousins there, but I never got the chance. =( Seeing those photos make me wanna go there now! I love the fox graffiti and the surroundings. What I love with your second shot, though, is the focus on the building on the right. The details are pretty clear, especially that of the roof. Nice shots!

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