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May 07, 2012


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I like your television replacement so much better than a real television. It seems that we have similar thoughts on many items of technology. There's nothing like the real thing in my book! Of course, having said that that, I like your nature walk photos courtesy of technology...

Bella Bheag

Hi Caireen! I am inclined to agree with a lot of what you say in this post. I have my blog (thanks to you and others persuading me that it is a good thing to do - when I take the time to update it!) and not much else - apart from what has become almost essential technologies - mobile phone and email!

Around 3 years ago I 'opened' an Etsy shop and more recently I opened a Folksy shop - neither of which have ever been stocked or properly explored by me (to my shame!). This year I am attending the Royal Highland Show with my wares so I need get a website organised - otherwise I could be missing out with a potentially large audience. It is the one thing that I am constantly asked for when attending craft fairs - but it all seems to take so much time, and expertise, and inclination and, and, and......

I have had feeting thoughts about Facebook, which I have been advised could be good for business - but I am not sure.

We'll see! Perhaps I should start by trying to stock my 'chain' of shops with a couple of items first and then take it from there!!

I like your pics - especially the views over Loch Lomond(?).

Cameras - now that's one technology I'd hate to live without!

Take care - BB xx


I think you have to think really hard which is good for you. I am on twitter not so good about using it for 'business' but for connecting. I hate hate facebook but stay because I'd loose contact with people if I left. So its a bit of a toss up.

So glad that the card arrived!


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